The Sorrow Of The Silent River.

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The beaten days, Oh’ the frozen days, they died,
As the pale rocks for the passed winter nights wept,
Those nights when the frozen world up in heavens witnessed,
The birth of the lucky stars, disappointed lovers awaited.

The shattering water in best of efforts while flowing tried,
To stay quiet, yet, the returning migrated birds stretched throats,
Singing songs, with stories of their flight, to warm lands and back.
The water flown, trying hard not to gallop, as if in a funeral march.

The flowing mourning was for those lovers who found no love,
No stars brightened their fate as the ones they loved hid,
Beneath veils of sadness unknown, or the mockery of the world,
Material world bound in age, looks, fortunes, status and gossips.

When the river entered the towns, Oh’ rubbish of all kinds joined,
Tree were replaced by homes and bridges and roads diverting,
Still she tried to stay quiet with the flow of time in prayers,
Leaving them at the footsteps of those in loneliness stood.

Streams from all sides joined her gently as they knew,
The sorrow she carries and her thousand mile flow in prayers,
Someday when she falls into the deep depths of the abyss,
She knows at least one of her prayers for a lover will be fulfilled.

Gathering a pebble or two into the wilderness of concrete I disappeared.

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Photo by Matyáš Burnek on Unsplash

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