Scars Of Laughter.

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Dewdrops in the warmth left by the morning sun vanished,
Reimmigrated birds honed their tunes in rigorous practice,
Oh’ senses scanned all around for a reason to be unhappy,
Back to the half nap, I fell as heartbeat found a new melody.

Soliloquist abandoned conscience and mind away from stage sat,
When walking around I hunted the soliloquist and asked,
What makes you contented? What brings you peace?
And conscience told, repetition refined the negative into a pulse.

Pulse that fueled the fascinations of a fantastic fantasy,
In which we grew a garden of Earthly heaven where,
All elements of life united and then a touch of soul,
Brought in by the senses of you and the one you love.

I left conscience somewhere near the moving stairs,
Even when I crossed the river and drove fast I felt,
The celebration of a myth I carried all through my life,
That none out there can figure a way to love me.

Oh’ many humorous insults about myself I told,
And to each joke in many different tones, I laughed,
Some I even gave a name and color for me to repeat.
Each laugh louder than before, deep in me left an aching scar.

The dead soliloquist one day may reincarnate.

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Photo by Angelika Agibalova on Unsplash

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