The Truth Of The Silent Lover.

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Sleepless nights he spent in searching for new ways,
To deepen the warmth he feels when about her he thinks,
But through the roofless sky love flies to unknown planets,
The loser takes all blames and there are no winners.

Love the emotion from close to the part of sanity comes,
And that thin line stays bright lit between sanity and insanity,
Love touched him, love touched her but their sanity,
Ah’ a wonderful myth that darts through that bright thin line.

The destruction of choices in and out of love was complete,
When to her his likes he told and her dislikes he had known,
Then fantasies beyond the worlds of fancy imaginations, erupted,
Ah’, only through guesses from her gestures her love known.

Assumptions and gossips like redwoods without humans grown,
The evolution of his love ah’ all alone like wildfire spread,
Dreams shattered as silence became a darkness and erased,
Hopes from every pixel of a dream that played a happy smile.

Words from him poured, only in writing, her world quieted,
No assumptions, no gossips ever explained reasons,
Oh, no reason ever given for the existence of anything,
Still in truth and false defined they live, laugh, and cry.

In the boisterous laughs and sobbing ah’ drops of tears shed,
Inside every fallen drops were the meaning of her to him,
And what felt inside him when those tears were shed,
Defined every bit of the truth of her love so silently she kept.

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Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

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