Your Best Wish.

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Did I make you feel bitter about me?
The one question from many I felt I asked,
As Spring time outside warmed the frozen lands,
Deep inside mind molten lava took life into conscience.

Oh’ I pray not for the emancipation of my heart,
From the wonders of worldly arts and material crafts,
For one reason, my soul to your love and trust bound,
Though all I do is dance in the rhythm of your silence.

I lived through seasons when love in silence wandered,
I wandered in those days in penance to purify my love,
To you I offered the purity of the purest love of mine,
Maybe the crooked world around you and I became,

The pond in which lilies grew and perfection bloomed,
Ah’ why around my love in doubts you looked dear,
When hearts bloomed in love for each other,
Why we failed in the world where none else but us cared.

Oh’ I pray for the life of yours in sweetness filled,
With gladness of heart and the fulfillment of wishes,
And again and again I swear I will pray,
For me be the best wish that brings gladness to you.

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Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

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