A Constant.

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The past is a spoken, written, and learned truth,
Memorable times in wonders, sorrow, and cheer,
Make times of present enlightened in celebrations,
Ah’ a sigh of relief from conscience sprouted.

Times of past, O’ how painful at times they maybe,
Still in the memory of dreams once seen gave,
A bright smile and a twitch in beat of a loving heart,
Such is the pleasantness of wonders of romantic art.

If ever romance ever touched you, O’ reader of verse,
Never leave the heart, soul, and flesh and blood gave,
The beauty of alliteration, rhymes and rhythm of language,
Of the heart with beauty filled that made the moment poetic.

If ever romance gave you fear, O’ lover of verse,
Never sway in the feelings of doubts and conflicts,
For the faith in love always cast the doubts about purity,
But never fear for the truth and sanctity always prevails.

If ever romance filled you in joy, O’ lover of love,
Never falter in sharing every bit of that joy with love,
To your love and never falter in the care of joy,
To your love and to your soul in love shared.

If ever romance gave you sorrow, O’ lover of reality,
Never ever stop the falling tears to abandon your soul,
For, in the shapeless, ageless soul always resides,
Happiness of love of your love who can erase your tears.

Lovers to each other with sun, moon and seas can swear,
Their love and like every emotion love also will go,
Up and down, but when with love of her I want to swear,
Nothing comes to mind as nothing ever will drown,

The love I felt from her heart in every beat of my heart.

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Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

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