Echoes In A Lonely Heart.

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The lonely man wets no eyes nor finds no reason to cry,
Am I the lonely man of the era who makes the world weep?
Or Am I the man who in strange reasons becomes lonely?
Ah’ darkness fills into the world where I feel no love,
And nothing brings light to where love dares to venture.

Oh’ Darkness is a place my heart is not used to,
For in it the love for a beautiful soul I carry,
And the world around me, Oh’ I shut my eyes to,
Light not that world O’ soul for my love gives me sight,
Even in the darkness of the world through memories.

Ah’ the world in the protesting turmoil may rise,
Thoughts through negative, walk, run, fall and hurt,
Give them no room to dream O’ soul for my love for her,
Never into the negative fell but brings new dreams to life,
A life filled with possibilities, brightness, and charm.

Oh’ how wonderful hope-filled times are I thought,
As from negative thoughts I spun the positives of love,
For her who into my heart fade in like a fairy,
And sings tunes that into my heart that leaves a feeling,
Of love through my heart echoes, though I am all alone.

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Photo by noah chaos on Unsplash

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