Flight Of The Fabricated Fog.

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The world around at each other barked,
And mauled and punched each other to win,
What anyone ever won, none knows but lost,
Track the defeat to humanity they all brought.

Peace and harmony, ah’ how wonderful they sound,
Politics and ideologies, ah’ how horrible they defeat,
The sanctity of peace and harmony between people,
And unite us as dust into forgotten particles of past.

Away from the brutality of humanity thoughts flew,
And between world carnage and mind blown,
Fog from a feeling wonderfully from a fire pit built,
And into each rolls of fog spoke a word or two about love.

Love mind feel when about a dearest, darling I think,
Is that the love of mine for her I feel?
Or is that the love of her my meditative mind feel?
Oh’ I care not for the answer as life becomes beautiful.

“What makes life so fantastically beautiful?”
To the questioning conscience asked with a smile,
“Isn’t it all a delusion, love, life, and even conscience?”
The fog thickened and flew taking mind to flight.

The more I questioned my love for her the more I questioned,
Her love for me, ah’ the fog thickened and faster mind flew,
Dreams don’t penetrate the thickness of the fabricated fog,
Oh’ dear, my dearest, where do I find reality, I thought.

Oh’ I wish, I wish, I were crazy enough to hear voices,
Nothing I heard, nothing I saw and inward I looked,
There are no fog in my heart, only hopes about love,
And when back to hopes I touched all fog cleared.

In those clearing fog no darkness I saw but leafless trees,
Waiting for our love to flourish in the days ahead,
And be together caring and sharing gladness of each other,
Oh’ let us not be the forgotten particles of a long gone past.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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