Inseparable Union.

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The speed of light, Oh’ unthinkable to humans,
Still the unity of colors we all unquestionably enjoy,
But when in a prism looked, Oh’ all I see are colors,
Some I liked, some I disliked, others just faded.

Like those colors in constant questioning came,
Questions from the unseen, but well felt conscience,
About the validity of the love eternally I seek,
Ah’ I wonder every time a new question comes,

How many more questions in questioning you will ask,
Conscience, about the validity of my love for her?
How many more combinations of chaotic confusions laid,
In a mind to drag away into oblivion my love for her?

As answer less question into thin air fades,
Comes into life the fantastic fascinations of fate,
The juggler throws up faces and moves them along,
Ah’ they come in temptations in smiles and some in tears.

And to that fate and faces I look with a thankful smile,
As my soul learn purity in the questions that rises,
How many faces in prettiness filled, with wisdom filled,
And with wealth filled temptations you will show?

Oh’ falter I will not in the times of good and bad,
Falter I will not in the tests of fate blabbering conscience,
For my heart in an inseparable union with love unknown,
To mankind yet, and she in her youthful ways finding paths.

Paths to a heart and a soul only for her from this day,
Till the end of days dedicated in gladness and in sadness,
In smiles and in tears; in emotions and in flesh and blood,
Oh’ everything united for her with the sweetness of love.

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Photo by Julia Velychko on Unsplash

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