The Light In A Dark Nightmare.

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Romance had left him at the time of his birth,
And every step to a romantic love to him brought,
Darkness and the dancing devils of a world unknown,
And life in every aspects became a living nightmare.

Unloved and unloving through the brightness he walked,
Beautiful life, Oh’ how wonderful the world became,
His smiles brought gladness into many minds,
His words brought love to many loving minds.

Then on that day, Oh’ wonderful day when he walked,
Through yet another light filled day among falling leaves,
He saw her the cuteness his soul called “darling” instantly,
To wander away he tried but her smile caught him in love.

To drown his love every time he met her he tried,
Ah’ love is an emotion that disrupted every moment,
Of a life he spent in smiles and talks and gladness spread,
And one day he gave her scarves, a gift of memory.

Though no gesture of love from her he got,
Heart somewhere tangled in the web of lives,
His thoughts and mind none around understood,
And life, Oh’ history made no error, into abyss fell.

The world doesn’t know the reality and the unreal,
The sanctity of his love rejected and insulted,
Darkness never forget and once more into life entered,
The aching heart feared to fall asleep to avoid nightmares.

Every day in the web of the world a knock he hears,
And taking a moment from the little reality between them,
He wrote and wrote what dreams of light he can see,
Ah’ she became the light in a life with darkness filled.

Meaningless maybe but his life dedicated for a smile,
Of a girl his soul still calls “darling” achingly.

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Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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