My Dear, My Boss.

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Ten thousand times in your mind you may reject,
The love you feel for me oh’ my dear, my boss,
Each time through whatever means you eradicate,
My face from your heart, in full color I come back,
As the stronger, your love becomes, my dear, my boss.

A million arrows in your rejecting heart you may aim,
At my heart in prayers, in deeds. and in dreams,
Ah’ drown my face, and smile from your heart you will,
Ache my heart every moment, for heart never rests,
Even in aches you give a new way to love you I will find.

No beggar of dreams I am, no dreamer of unpleasant passions.
The world may age, you may age in those eyes but not,
In my eyes nor in my heart as I know not a way souls age.
Ah’ you are the flame that ignites my soul every living day,
You are the other side of my soul I knew exists and now found.

Question not the will that brings you to my verses,
Question every bit of anger and bitterness felt against,
Your love for me and in accepting my love for you, boss,
Erase every question from conscience with your love for me
Question not the will of God who fills my mind with you.

My Dear, My Boss.

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Photo by Velvet Morris on Unsplash

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