The Eyes That Followed.

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The falling rain through the minarets drooled,
As the call for prayers woke up the dawn,
Faithless grumbled in their beds and rolled,
Faithful sought blessings unknown to any soul.

When the empty streets filled with the needy,
Ah’ I took a walk against the fattening crowd,
All went to markets for one or the other reasons,
I ventured to find the unseen, untouched pulse.

Uncold rain held on to my eyelids to save,
From falling into the dirty walk ways,
Through those hanging drop I saw,
The smile of a girl in a store across the street.

I walked in and at me with no smile she stared,
As through the aisles of her small store I walked,
I know eyes of her following every move I make,
When walking out at that smile-less face again I looked.

Home sweet home ah’ welcomed me with incense smell,
The tea I brewed, ah’ the kettle whistled his sweet music,
Sweet and strong I took it with cake and nuts, sip after sip,
Nothing bothered the well paced life and life bothered none.

Life took forking ways and took me to different towns,
Years passed and still I brewed tea, sweet and strong,
Always saw in mind a dancing move that can fit,
The whistling kettle and the swaying curtains.

Then one day when days were short and cool wind howled,
Legs felt tired as age indeed got to my muscles and nerves,
A young girl came and gave a hand for me to walk across,
Her curious mind made me giggle too in her numerous queries.

When leaving me by my door one last question she asked,
“Have you ever married or fell in love in your life?”
I said “No” and walked away the little girl with a smile,
Then remembered I a smile once I stole from a smiling boss.

Ah’ felt the following eyes that followed me in that store.

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For some reason I felt connected to the meme I found on the Game Of Thrones Group Page. I don’t know how I angered ‘boss’ for her to turn her face away from me once she was walking by me.

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