Unstoppable Merry-Go-Round.

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Ten thousand firecrackers blown inside clouds,
Who all rushed above to join the celebrations,
Of the world of humans waking up into a day,
Another day of life so well prepared in dark.

The sun into a bale of cloud rolled,
And unloaded the queer of arrows of rays,
On to the world but Oh’ rainy clouds took,
The beating for the world and hid day lord.

Rain and thunders and flashes of bright light,
Sounds filled the ears and wrapped the soul,
Where will the footsteps take ah’ I wondered,
Still wandered away from my own sanity.

The broken heart like a vulture pecked,
Soul I can feel walking far behind,
Like the images from a broken video played,
Memories, at times froze, broke and discontinued.

Through the muddy road caught up with me and asked,
“What was it all about? Where did we lose?”
My soul fueled the conscience to know more,
My heart beat fast to make me walk in silence.

The thunderbolt that fell right beside shook everything,
But nothing shook the broken man as nothing is there,
To break me as all is lost in the romance of life.
Walk from past to future felt like a merry-go-round.

Nothing stopped, not even the mid-may rain.
Life just broke down beyond hopes and without dreams,
The merry-go-round kept on moving with some force,
None knows what fueled it and none is there to stop it.

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