The Fallen Fog.

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Light, wake up into the unfolding day,
For, darkness is tired after a long night.
When into sleep I fell I wished I see,
Dreams where I held her hands and smiled.

Oh’ the tiring darkness entered my dreams,
Ah’ no smiles I saw, as darkness filled,
But empty was not my dream as my hand was held,
That unseen hand, hidden, but giving a touch of love.

The morning around me spread wide and bright,
Oh’ the inevitable is happening and in mind I asked,
When will my love feeling the love of mine,
Becomes part of the morning’s inevitability.

The greatness of love ah’ in imperfections come,
The fascination of love Oh’ makes the imperfections,
The fascination of your heart, O’ Dear, my dearest,
There are no imperfect fascinations in my love for you.

The fallen fog that impairs your views O’ dear,
The will melt and then you will see,
Then you will feel the beautiful understanding,
Love differentiates not, in belief, age or looks.

Oh’ my senses only feel through my love for you.

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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