Sounds Of The Northern Woodlands.

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The wind blown from across the woods,
Ah’ from the whispers it put in every sprouting leaf,
And the giggles of those leaves about the last winter,
You were there, a memory of you, filled with love.

Where did that memory came in those woodland winds?
Oh’ those trees heard the cry from my heart about love,
Love of mine only meant for you and you declined,
Love I sought in you Oh’ you felt but hid in heart.

I wish I were a liar when through the woods I walked,
I wish I can lie to my heart that I never loved you,
I wish I can find a lie to tell what from your smile I felt,
Was not love; but Oh’ world and my dear, a liar I am not.

The healing times with changing times to heal may try,
But no love given can be the love of your my dear,
And no love I can weave as no part of heart is empty,
Without my love as a prayer chant heart beats recites.

Facing the crying wind deep in my mind I thought,
The melted snow and ice now galloping into sea,
Where they will leave the sounds of the Woodland trees,
Ah’ may the love of mine for you echo in the depths.

Depths were light and life hardly reaches,
Where none exists to cry for my fallen tears.

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Photo by Alexandra Cozmei on Unsplash

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