Her Naughty Smiles.

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Daylight spent most part of the day hiding,
Behind thunders and rains and somewhere fell,
All that clouds crashing houses and pylons,
Oh’ the violence of nature at times, unbearable.

Night slowly put off the candles from up above,
And the clouds cleared for the lingering heat to rise,
Walkers like me walked in new found enthusiasm,
Mind through shops and people fast moved.

Shops so well decorated and one after the other stood,
Like old times malls doesn’t have many shoppers,
And I walked through many stores and some shoppers,
Like a busy man but deep inside a heart beat for a view.

When passing the book shop I know I will see a face,
But the leaving day decided to give me a surprise,
As I walked past the gates no face I saw, ah’ she is gone,
As I turned to walk back a voice I heard “Hi”.

She walked directly at me with a naughty smile,
I knew she understood the reason of my sudden turn.
For my query of well being she replied “Doing Well”.
And walked past me who wanted to talk more.

My heart said to me “Oh’ what how lovely she is,
In that naughty smile, I saw a million more reasons,
To beat and in every beat to weave a little more,
Love for you to share with her forever.”.

Walking back slowly sipping my evening tea I smiled,
One of those days my heart and me learned to discover,
Reasons to love and loving for a reason so beautiful,
In heart, words and in her naughty smiles.

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Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash

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