The Land Of The Unknown.

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We the people together eradicated,
Hunger, many diseases, and went to moon,
Many invaders, monarch and criminals we defeated,
But in the care of our own deprived and disabled we failed.

Evil needs no other address than in the mind,
Of the people who turn away orphans, homeless, disabled and deprived,
And with evil minds, us they divide,
In the name of God, guns, and choices,
Through deception and lies, corruption and crookedness,
And still call this land, the land of the free.
Oh’ brutality became a new mask
Of the machinations of the politicians.

Join your hands and stand hand in hand,
Together to find unity than differences,
When I smile at you I ask not,
What way in God you believe,
Or at the color of your skin I stare not,
Or your sexual orientation I will not ask.
Yes, unity comes only in togetherness,
And division fertilizes suppression.

If united we fail we will lose,
Freedom on the land and then freedom of mind,
Then the land of the free inevitably will fall,
And will become land of the unknown.

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Photo by hanen souhail on Unsplash

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