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Twelfth Day Of June – 2019.

The sun came up far beyond eyesight in the east,
Clouds looked like dragons of a mythical ancient past.
Ah’ even sleep whose love in an instant I always felt,
Abandoned me and I raked memories of my recent past.

When the world woke up, got ready and started working,
Sleep that went whoring around in the night started,
Her seducing dance in through my brains and my veins,
Fantastic fantasies in unknown places, ah’ my eyelids played.

Sun and day passed me by, leaving curse words at my snoring,
I heard not and cared not as when I woke up I felt,
The tears of Nature through the evening she wept,
Birds shaking off the rain, ah’ the sound of life filled my heart.

Night hesitated to enter as the charm of the day to me unknown,
Still played the ballet with the falling rain and whispered,
Verses of love I misunderstood as into the unknown I looked,
And asked, “Ah’ is there a dream I have not seen that matters?”.

“Is there a wonder out there that can surprise me?”,
“Is there a bit of love I have never wished for?”,
Finding answers is no longer an option for the aging,
Living the answers is the reality, ah’ this night brings.

© RIAZHAMMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash
The is the audio recording of the poem above. I recorded it with the simplest of the technologies with a fan running beside. I apologize to none if it is not pleasant. What you hear is what you get.

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