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Thirteenth Day Of June – 2019.

Billions of rays out of unknown numbers of blasts, sprouted,
And like spring streams galloped all around spreading,
Much needed energy for life to thrive, and for me to see,
Smiles filled with love, ah’ from childhood to adulthood carried.

Failed, Oh’, they all failed, to brighten loveless hearts,
Who all stood stunned in the awe like lifeless statues,
Eyes wide open, mouths ready to speak but no sense,
Came to them to see, to taste, the perfection of the world.

Day like a serpent crawled into the corner of everything,
Church kept on ringing the wedding bells of someone’s success,
Blessing from me to those lucky souls for everlasting love.
Oh’, glad I am when seeing the gladness of others.

Evening wandered around to see happy smiles and gathered,
A little chill left by rains of night that passed in peace,
The coming night yawned up in the East and readied,
Dark horses tied to chariots to whip up the dusts of night.

As my mind smiled to gain from me some much needed rest,
Somewhere in the furthest corner of the sky I saw,
A rising star beating all odds of the dancing night,
That little star represented all hopes of a loving man.

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Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

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