Little Boss.

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This Poem Is For You Little Boss.*

Loveliness of the day have spread,
Into the depths of a loveless soul,
Searched for the memories of a lifetime,
But only found images of my Little Boss.

Prayers of noon time aroused to lessen,
The heaviness and aches of a loveless soul,
Searched the embedded images in my soul,
But only found images of my Little Boss.

Warmth of the evening crowned to color,
To paint new dreams in a loveless soul,
Oh’ Nature spread her pallets and in it dipped,
And painted new dreams with your face, Little Boss.

Twilight after the Sunset in sadness wrote,
Happy verses to cheer a loveless soul,
Oh’ the whole nature wept along, then cheered,
As smiles of yours reflected in all corners, Little Boss.

Starlight of spreading night reflected,
In every drop of rain at the tip of leaves,
And the loveless soul in those drops found,
A smile that reflected your happiness, Little Boss.

Ah’ no longer to be in that reflection, I wish,
As all that I am already filled with what,
Makes you the happiest lady in the world,
And I pray that my deeds be your happiness, Little Boss.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

*Dedication. – Poems are written with specific people in mind at times and are dedicated to them. When this poem is read and someone at some point enjoys the poem. That enjoyment always leads to a little blessing and the person the poem is dedicated to will receive that blessing.

Photo by Flemming Fuchs on Unsplash

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