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Twenty Fourth Day Of June – 2019.
This Poem Is For You Little Boss*.

Life went left and right with careless ease,
Stomping onto the chances of reality sprouting,
But none of those fallen beside cared conscience,
As hand in hand with her to move ahead I want.

Ten thousand thunders all around crashed,
Billions of drops fell and flown into wilderness,
The civilized world more than that as cleansing,
And the summer storm never cooled the eager mind.

Softness of the bed, comforter and pillows bored,
After a long day of sleep and I rolled out,
Inside the house like a caged lion I wandered,
Hungry for love with a belly full of food and tea.

Evening got crowned with dusky twilight and said,
“The beauty of the dusk is all you will see this day.”,
Ah’ with a tired mind I tried to measure the distance,
Between hearts in love but a virtual ocean of love I found.

Then to the night in a soft voice I whispered,
“This night my mind will make her feel the love of mine,
When no distance and cruelty of the world can stop,
Her feeling the love of mine as I know her soul.”.

Strength of love ah’ none can measure,
For in it is the glow of soul God for us created,
That divine strength gave me vision of a path,
In happiness we both hand in hand will move ahead to.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

*Dedication. – Poems are written with specific people in mind at times and are dedicated to them. When this poem is read and someone at some point enjoys the poem. That enjoyment always leads to a little blessing and the person the poem is dedicated to will receive that blessing.

Photo by Andrii Podilnyk on Unsplash

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