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Seventh Day Of July – 2019.

Oh’ you the Sun who looks from far and mock,
The misery of a Lonely lover; is that your laugh,
That comes down as dusty summer warmth?
Or your absence from North in winter months?

Laugh at me morning, noon, evening you must,
For I am the mockery of mankind, not a conquering,
King of minds and life and success of humanity boasts,
For I know my love has no meaning to anyone living.

The day cooled down from the winds up north,
And my boisterous screams louder and louder became,
None heard, for no noise came out, as failure consumed,
The character of me and alone only in my mind I screamed.

The evening to bring a glad smile with all might tried,
And I laughed as nothing can bring my wonderful smile back,
For in my glad smiles will be embedded the purity of her love,
My Little Boss my sorrow means you don’t know my love yet.

The one-act for which I waited and as midnight pushed,
The day to history, I left the thought in slow motion,
The thought that brought hopes and dreams and definitions,
Of a life filled with love, charm, and happiness of normalcy.

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Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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