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Sixth Day Of July – 2019.

I wished I could scream out loud,
Her name to the world but sanity said no,
Then to the morning I asked how sane I am,
And the morning brightened and sang for me to sleep.

Wonderful day swept me through the time,
As Sun calmed down a bit from his summer wrath,
I followed the world and the world celebrated,
Food, music and art helping the aching to dream.

Evening twilight faded like a bowing dancer,
And me, like a flowing stream through the crowd moved,
Oh’, how wonderful the world is and I thanked God again,
The day ended, night spread his wings once more for us to rest.

“A poet never sleep”, my saying made true once more,
For the night carries beauty not many can see and enjoy,
Somewhere near me also rests a beauty and an artist,
My heart beat a little faster in a prayer for peace for her.

Life indeed is not what many think it is and fall apart,
Stumbled I many times and as usual I got up and shook off,
The dust and weariness and I looked ahead and said,
“I will not go down with this I will go ahead with this”.

Oh’, Life indeed for me a dynamic dream machine.

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Photo by Azamat Zhanisov on Unsplash

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