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Thirteenth Day Of July – 2019.

The usual pulses of the morning came and touched,
Mind dragged away from the world to imaginary,
Where phantoms of gone by days of the past,
Demons of the present time that spins at the same point,
And villains of the future hiding behinds shadows don’t exist.

Warmth of summertime in my fun fantasy joined to learn,
How an unloved man love with heartbeats and touch of soul,
Oh’, my love was made as sand castles in the written fate,
The shattering well seen, while the plans of fate were written,
How many more mornings to pass before this fate obliterated.

Noon mercilessly dragged me to reality that laughed,
As memory lost the sense of time and came in haste,
Leaving all went for the afternoon picnic but mind still held,
Strong feelings that led mind into remembrance of Little Boss,
Oh’, subconscious know not the difference between fantasy and reality.

Evening held her breath as my mind to Baseball I thought I can divert,
Nothing can stop my sweet Little Boss thoughts from conquering,
My mind into day-dreams and sleep and a lot of soliloquies,
Many sandcastles were built and torn away by the waves of time,
One face speechless stayed in mind like Evergreen in winter.

That face I took into the depths of the night for I know,
I need no light to see the past, present and the future,
As the light from that face embedded in my soul shines,
Brighter than the fuzzy moon up there swallowing clouds,
To become full yet another time in her paths none knows.

That face is of Little Boss, the only love this poet can sustain.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Drew Colins on Unsplash

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