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Twelfth Day Of July – 2019.

Wonderful summer morning across the mid-west blazed,
The insane half naked wandered sticky with oily sweat,
As the spinning of life at one point meaninglessly stuck,
Morning left a feeling asking “Is there a talisman to free you?”.

Noontime passed, afternoon came and sang lullabies about love,
Left images of Little Boss in mind enjoying life with me,
Ah’ how wonderful it all felt as sleep and dreams danced,
Through my senses and made me smile again and again.

Evening stubborn stood to know answers from my conscience,
Oh’, I am a peasant and ignorant who knows nothing,
All I am good at is what world enjoy no more,
But, the love and the feeling of her love brings to me gladness.

A sad man in tiredness of his sarcasms may fall asleep,
I am no sad man as the gladness through my verses share,
Makes me a fulfilled man every day and night without doubts,
Oh’ dear, my dearest soul, Little Boss, know this truth,

Even from far, maybe unknowingly, you love me.

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Photo by ELSIE ZHONG on Unsplash

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