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Twenty Ninth Day Of July – 2019.

“Gather the vibe from my heart, Oh’, Morning.,”, I pleaded,
But the life of the morning through a different path moved,
As my written fate through another planet roamed,
Ah’, I felt the vibe in my heart of my sweetheart.

The noon like an old phantom crept deep into life,
Birds stopped singing for the world in summer heat,
And the pain like flood waters rose and choked,
The dreams I saw about the happy life with her.

When evening played the summer symphony and shown,
The mirages of art no human with paint and brush can imitate,
Oh’, it rained and made the trees dance through all senses I wished,
But all I found was my endless thinking that lead to unhappiness.

Oh’, all overrated unhappiness and barking mind means nothing,
As evening brought Little Boss to read my heart sprouting smiles,
Then about happiness I thought and no dread to mind came,
As every thought about reasons brought to mind Little Boss’s smile.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Hubble on Unsplash

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