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Twenty Eighth Day Of July – 2019.

Silence roamed free in the last phase of the night,
As dance of the light rehearsed between late night stars,
As sleepless tiredness held my brain and vowed,
To break me into a somnambulistic warrior of romance.

And to those feelings of tiredness aloud I said,
“Oh’, she said, “I am much older” and stabbed,
The romantic harder than you all ever can,
But she knows she can’t kill me as she loves me.”.

The madness of the summer day wildly tried,
To masquerade the insanity with sunshine,
Oh’, no magic manipulation can kill my love,
That gnawed the day away but my love shone,

Bright with the face of my Little Boss and reigned,
My heart, my soul and the essence of my time,
And to time and the pulse of the world I said,
“She is the love, soulmate, my twin flame.”.

The night didn’t even tried to take a swing at my love,
And fell apart in thunderstorms as my soul deep felt,
The untouched love of Little Boss bit by bit she feels,
And that love has only one face, my smiling face.

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Photo by Soroush golpoor on Unsplash

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