Faith Of The Silent Lover.

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Why are you forcing to forget the paths,
We both in love for each other must pass,
Even before we have known such paths.
When we should have walked, ah’, we are sailing.

Oh’, sailing in unknown seas with broken masts,
The waves breaking in the falling lightning bolts,
The flooding docks, Oh’, wash away journey maps,
And in your hand, ah’, I see the turning rosary beads.

God will not help the forceful ignorant who discards,
With material excuses that leaves the love filled, helpless,
For, in the love God gave us we must learn to worship him,
Or the rosary will shatter into more pieces than the heart you broke.

Oh,’ sweetness, sweet is the faith of every living,
Fall not as a victim of the masquerading devilish thoughts,
For God never sits in the altars or domes of the worshiping palaces,
God may give a feeling of himself in the touch of love we may share.

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