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Ninth Day Of August – 2019.

The northern wind found a way around the summer heat,
Oh’, the season of fall blown her horns shivering leaves,
The wave of cool came but summer in stubbornness protested,
All these gave mind reasons to think inward while looking outward.

Where is the new path O’, morning where will you find light,
The coming day feel like a strange time away from which I stand,
The shattered dream into the dark of the night faded,
And the day bloomed beyond imagination into a new reality.

The golden rays of the evening sun caressed by cheeks,
And woke me to learn how dreadful a dreamless sleep can be,
Night sat all around me to listen to the stories in my soliloquy,
Oh’, night, only tragedies fills my mind with you this time.

As loveless sadness wiped my inner tears,
I saw the darkest part of night in the east stabbed,
And breaking through was a ray of light that made me think,
Is that the ray of hope, of love, of dreams to be weaved in smiles.

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