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Twentieth Day Of August – 2019.

Gratitude, I wondered what it will do,
Through many paths I traveled and gained,
Knowledge of many kinds and met many people,
The good and bad, Oh’, how hard to balance.

In everything comes a point where I thanked,
God, the reasons God gave me to feel good,
And many times taking me away from danger,
Though to the world a disappointed man I become.

In younger days when through the rain I walked,
Then in youth when through the blazing sun I ran,
In my middle ages when with broken heart tired I stood,
Raised my head and thanked God and the reasons he gave.

In every moment between emotions a balance I searched,
Moments pass, heart in dark beat, logic empty remains,
Light comes when love fills and refills my veins,
Oh’, you are the reason I thank God on this day, Little Boss.

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Photo by Naitian Wang on Unsplash

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