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Twenty First Day Of August – 2019.

The gypsy sang a song in tunes heard not,
Nature danced to his tune as daybreak rolled,
Through the carpet of twilight from east,
To all around horizons bringing a new day of blessings.

As the time of the day found a new way to stretch,
Beyond the phantoms hiding in spaces unknown,
Oh’, mankind knows nothing about spaces in hearts,
Where the naughtiness of time cannot enter and age.

Noon passed into oblivion and the faded summer warmth,
Pressed hard to make a point about seasons,
I felt a silhouette of her holding my face in her arms,
Then I knew dreams entered my sleep in silence.

“Oh’, dream not about questions that were not asked yet”,
I said out loud when I woke up from my snoring nap,
Evening set the horizons for the end of the day drills,
Ah’, in every bit of Sky and Earth I saw, the face of love.

And that face became real when into your eyes I looked.

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Photo by Taylor on Unsplash

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