The Unforgotten Flowers.

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One by one leaves started to leave their mothers,
The beginning of the fall has begun unknowingly,
Those who once as the fans of Nature danced,
Now fallen and rolled for ants to play hide and seek.

Oh’, the seasons have changed, the colors all around sprouting,
But no flowers anywhere to color my dreams I can see,
Tell me my love do you want me to color my romantic images,
In mind with dying and dead leave falling from once-proud trees?

Oh’, the season that left, warm and humid, still left tentacles,
The fan kept turning with the breeze wiping the sprouting sweat,
The speed gave the illusion they are rotating counter-clockwise,
Ah’, thought took my memory lane to the sprouting spring.

Remembered I, Ah’, Loved I, love her still, Oh’, Love her I will,
Through the thawed lands where sprouts waved happiness,
Millions of blooms of all colors spread for the heart and dream,
Oh’, dear, my dearest, in my eyes all of them had your face.

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Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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