The Outsider.

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Into the school, a mother took a little boy to start,
His school life and he in awe screamed out loud,
Everyone watched and at everyone he lashed,
He watched, learned not as one of them but an outsider.

Through the years he passed and grew up in the world,
Triumph came and put him on top and alone he stood,
Failures hit him hard and face-down he fell, discarded by all,
Nothing took him in as who is, and to all, he was the outsider.

From workplace to friends circles to relatives none he trusted,
And nothing trusted him back as from outside the onlooker looked,
Life moved on, time moved on, his little space he held hard,
As through his experience, he learned to be better as an outsider.

Romances felt and romances faded as to all an outsider he was,
The deeper into life, time and space moved, ah’, isolated he became,
Then to her every bit of his life to open he tried but failed once again,
As all, he was to her. an old man, an outsider who failed to earn her love.

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Photo by Timothy Barlin on Unsplash

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