A Dreamless Mind.

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The taste of summer left the tongue dry,
The warmth of sun still upon the skin lingered,
What wonderful dreams Spring time showered,
But none of those blooms meant to symbolize my love.

Through every corner of time and space of seasons searched,
For reasons for all the good and bad through which passed,
Life without the girl I love who only read the verses I wrote,
Oh’, in all hopes and prayers I guess I made her smile.

Silence loomed all around nature and the disappointment,
Oh’, in everything, in every possible way I should understand,
For somewhere in all that passed as seasons is where,
Happy moments memories will absorb and live in future days.

Thoughts through sadness crawled and disappeared,
Oh’, happiness you have no meaning without her love,
As every event without her in my life moves into past,
Mind loses the ability to dream and became an empty tomb.

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Photo by Lana Graves on Unsplash

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