The Silenced Screams.

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The dreams were silenced by the hurting words you said,
Ah’, one by one they bid farewell to the unloved heart,
All that beautiful seen, all that wonderful music heard,
Now as monsters haunted with sounds echoing in howls.

Flavors and taste melted into the tongue that spoke,
Poetry that only praised your love you felt for me,
Oh’, the love into the galloping river you floated,
Where it screamed and screamed but drowned mercilessly.

A million questions like arrows at my conscience came,
And my smiles shielded all of them still answerless all fell,
Rains once more wiped the tears from eyes fell,
But what can wipe the tears soul shed when I unloved stood.

More fire-filled arrows at every living reality came,
With what fabricated happiness I will make a smile to shield?
Oh’, tired the dreaming lover on his knees fell,
Hearing the silenced screams you drowned in the rivers of time.

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Photo by Milad Shams on Unsplash

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