Understanding Dreams.

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The masks of the day undone and mind emancipated,
As the day drowned in laughter from sources unknown,
Seasonal lovers still to their revealing clothes held on,
As the makeup mixed with sweat and tears drooled through cheeks.

Through my maskless eyes, I looked and saw only what sight showed,
Wickedness has replaced the wisdom of the past and celebrated,
In minds intoxicated with stuff mankind never supposed to have known,
Then I learned, I am an odd part of an era of dreamless hypocrites.

The night drowned me to sleep where I saw pathways unknown,
Those pavements so wonderfully cleaned by late spring rains,
Thunders still rolled empty drums upon cheer-filled clouds,
Flowers swaying in the light wind that forgot to make nature dance.

Every form of life in busy schedules through time passed,
I walked through time as if I own the space for just myself,
As none I saw who can share the space through I passed,
I paused to understand the pulse of time and space unveiled.

Shadowless I stood ah’, no-touch weather or nature I felt,
The sun way above cuddled with the fun-filled clouds,
Then a little warmth from all around and beyond cloaked me.
Upon the bed I sat and at the lighted up phone I looked.

Her face in the background with a smile filled with love,
I said aloud “Oh’, I dreamt and even in loneliness I felt,
The touch of her love she unknowingly sprouted at me,
Or, was a flying kiss she sent feeling the loneliness of mine?”.

Morning peeked through the curtains and dust dance around,
Another day, ah’, so many paths to follow in spirit and material,
The material man yearned the spiritual touch of her love,
The spiritual man celebrated her love for him she failed to express.

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Photo by amir sahihi on Unsplash

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