Hunter Of Misfortunes.

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The nature like an artwork of magnificence stood,
Even as fall rain fell on all and everything stood soaked,
The waterproof gear kept me dry and every sense in alert,
Even through falling rain, moving steps of my prey I heard.

Step, by step I closed and on the way, I shed all sadness,
Then for my prey to step into my sight, sat and waited,
The scope brought details from far to up close,
And what near, Oh’, forgetfully by senses ignored.

The mind spread through the growth around as if in a spell,
And senses spread hand in hand like a net through I felt,
Every bit of living, growing and the unliving nature laid,
The waiting ended, the prey in my sight, finger on trigger placed.

Before I pressed a thought through my senses spread,
A question “Is there a better killer of my misfortunes?”,
Nature and senses shown a better killer than my conscience,
One flower, well bloomed, like a smiling Little Boss she stood.

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Photo by Daniel Balaure on Unsplash

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