A Romantic Dance In Solitude.

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The mirrors feared if I looked at them so I did not,
The birds silently sat as in meditation I walked,
The winds not to carry any scent of me so stayed afar,
Oh’, the world, times beyond, without her love, unfortunate I am.

As her love in silent reverie danced in solitude,
Ah’, in my mind images I painted a life of happy times,
Where held hands and locked lips wrote romances unspoken,
But felt by generations to come from heaven and ones reached heaven.

As my love I weighed against all the valuable humanity valued,
Ah’, not a grain of sand less felt even after the pitfalls of my errors,
Oh’, the ever forgiving God taught me to love better,
In good times, harsh times and in times when all I feel is Godly love.

So I see the mirrors brightened and clear to welcome my face,
Birds joining me in meditation with a flyby and hymn,
The winds swaying branches and joining the giggle of beauties,
Feeling the dance of the silent reverie may not be forever in solitude.

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Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

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