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Rains came in spring and the puddle filled,
Children came out from the frosty homes and played,
The puddle they drained, rains came back and filled,
A flower across the street grew and reflected in the puddle.

The loveliness of spring through city life spread,
Lovers walked around the puddle smooching in giggles,
Rains left, warmth sweat and summer rains puddled.
Flower drooped, died and nothing from the puddle reflected.

Many wrote new romantic legends none ever spoke,
Many romances failed and some tears into the puddle fell,
Gladness and sadness mixed but brought to life balance,
All passed over a little puddle of water now with dirt darkened.

Fall rain brought down leaves and the flowering plant too fell,
Many leaves into the puddle rolled where they became dust,
The winter came with wrath and howled across the plains,
Filled the puddle with ice and replaced dark with whitest white.

But under the dust, with warmth from the ground puddle held
Seed none took left by the helpless dying flowering plant,
Life no wrath of the winter can kill as the warmth kept the life,
Oh’, no romances succeeded can feel the warmth of that love.

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Photo by Taylor on Unsplash

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