The Pessimistic Guess.

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The thunders and lightning up above the horizons rested,
No rain fell, just a tired man in wishing what best can happen,
Ideas in his mind popped, they filled pages and a sweet-mind,
Nature calmed down, air slowly cooled, all stripped pretty trees.

The tired man hunted imaginations and ended up being haunted,
By ununderstandable sins, he never committed, but guilt felt,
In conscience who cared for nothing, knew nothing about love,
A girl felt, yet, in the screams of her world strangled and drowned.

Flowers in the night bloomed still will spread scents to attract,
Oh’, each other they loved and their love so wildly spread,
Many dreams faded, many dreams lingered and many dreams birthed,
And his love spread scents but lost in the darkness she made.

The magnificence of time none noticed, ah’, through cycles time move,
Every cycle when Earth rotates repeats to their heart each other’s love,
As every time in darkness he searches one pessimistic thought comes,
Oh’, a much older man she loves, love she can never kill and drown.

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Photo by Dias on Unsplash

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