The Valley Of Sadness.

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A thousand dreams one after the other sprouted,
In a valley, none till this day ever ventured,
The winds turned and jumped in ecstatic dance,
In that rhythm, trees let their branches dance along.

Hearts in dreams united and songs of love they wrote,
Love touched every corner of the valley and scents spread,
And reached into the world beyond sights and sounds,
Oh’, there love reached a twisted limelight for you and me.

One by one dream failed and with leaves of fall fell,
Changes stopped and beneath the barks of trees hid,
The songs hearts wrote, ah’, no birds ever sang,
Darkness between the clouds birthed and with cold crept.

Oh’, darkness and cold through the winds sang,
Pathos of our lost love unsympathetically to an unknown world lost,
Even when the sun shined up east and to west swam all bright,
Sadness loomed in the valley where under the frost our love wept.

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Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

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