A Day Of Fear.

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The phantoms of fall into the cold faded,
The Cardinal silently puffed up and watched,
Fog like a smoke spitting dragon danced,
As drum-beats and horns of winter strengthened.

The fallen flurries gave relief to the fallen leaves,
The gathering clouds instilled in the hearts fear,
Coats and hats made humans look more decent,
But every lip shivered in thoughts of the winter.

Night wiped away the clouds with scattering winds,
Stars stayed far giving beauty to eyes when inside out burning,
Lovers hugged each other and kissed with eyes closed,
Lovers who failed to earn love walked away with made-up smiles.

Watching all these I walked, I smiled, I wept and through it all, I lived,
The awoken day gathered the clouds and back into hearts brought,
Darkness, filled with mythical mysteries of lost love and lonely days,
Ah’, where are you my “Strength” the “Exalted One” my only love?

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Photo by Мария Волк on Unsplash

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