Mourning The Loss Of Her Love.

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Sing for me Oh’, winter wind, in a tune from north sing,
Sing to me and tell a tale of how romances in frozen land sprout,
Even when you adore lands, trees, and hills with love unique to you,
With thunderless storms, the whiteness of purity and clouds of dark.

Did you dance along the falling snow? Or just kiss the drops with frost?
Did you laugh at the slipping humans and their motors skidding?
Or you weep along with the misery of the homeless by unknown fate,
Or by choice of twisted world’s emotions became loveless?

Oh’, with freshly brewed tea by the lake I sat and I asked,
The wrapping winter cold and no answer to my mind came,
No song I heard just the whistling wind upon the attic danced,
And I walked to where once she sat and into the depths of lake looked.

Oh’, crashing waves, have you heard her heartbeat I so wish to hear?
Have you felt the touch of her hands I so wish to hold?
Did she whisper a word of love or two when upon her legs you rolled?
When another time beside you she sits never let her know my sadness.

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Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

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