The Unfolded Fate.

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The fate was well written a long time before birth,
But that unknown path I love the most to take,
For what life in multiple ways and times to be defined,
All I left for one path and two eyes, the eyes of yours.

Logics of life, routines humans made, past wisdom,
Ah’, all told you, “he is not your man, he is too old”,
But you and I knew not that the heart learns to love,
On its own beyond all logic, routines, and wisdom.

Ah’, into the eyes of us hearts placed and filled,
Life hearts sought and into the world sprouted,
None knows what matters to us as we defined,
Love of us in unique ways we love to celebrate.

When each other we defined and refined in love,
The evolving life around us into us evolved,
The fascinations of the fantastic masquerade,
Universe shown and through us with love fate unfolded.

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Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

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