The Disappointed Poet.

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In the wintry morning wide awake I lie,
Watching the golden rays of sun by cold wind delivered,
The cardinal who puffed up and prayed,
That my love to you makes you feel blessed.

Oh’, a smile of your for days now I celebrate,
What in your mind you felt, sprouted such charm?
Millions of life’s scenarios I played to get a feel,
And none gave a feeling of gladness in your smile I saw.

Am I a failed lover who failed to feel the gladness of my love?
Am I a wayfarer who can only observe the gladness expressed?
Am I not in spirit can’t feel the love of yours in your smile I saw?
Or, did the distance between us gulfed beyond bridges can connect?

Ah’, my worldly task in every way around me in failures lay,
And in uncaring smiles every one of them away I pushed,
No loss of anything ever disappointed this faithful lover but pinched,
My poetic heart that failed to feel the gladness in your smile.

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Photo by Alexander Dinamarca on Unsplash

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