Pain In The Forgotten Heart.

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The sun dragged all of us through space,
Our sins and acts of audacity took away,
His glory bit by bit as punishment every day.
Dust filled the Earth and none knew or cared.

Oh’, from those dust God created our ancestors,
And they united with their vengeance and prejudices,
As dust now floating soulless maybe watching,
Us lost in each other’s love, in lost ways to each other.

Haven’t I shown how passion-filled I lived every bit,
Only in thoughts about you, and only dedicated, in loving you?
Oh’, every bit of life, every step taken, so carefully planned,
Building connection as age through time, mercilessly passed.

What ancestral pastime taught you to forget me?
What present-day humor that may make the world laugh?
When hand-in-hand in the pride of love we will stand.
Forget me not, in your prayers, remember me not in your curses.

The aching heart already learned about the love of yours,
The heartaches as in the falling dust ways to me you lost.

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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