Dreams Of Twin Flames.

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Talk not to thyself in agony of a gone by days,
The healing through nature and nurture you look,
Unmasking the repressed love to someone up close felt,
Yet, for many seasons remain unseen and unheard.

Oh’, everyone to her spoke about the purity of love in her,
Many secrets, so very well kept, told in whispers,
None asked her, what secrets she has, in her soul,
All whispers, gossips, Ah’, only divided her love among souls.

Life, a race through passion filled emotions raced,
People of all cultures, characters from all around outpaced,
Intimidations to gain attention, greed filled chaos for a smile,
Ah’, none will tell that this is a race you cannot be defeated.

Those early adolescent days, they into her childish mind brought,
Dreams about love, Oh’, the great adventures of warrior boys,
Younger years where everything bound as everyone advised,
To grow and love and not to love and grow in freedom of mind.

Oh’, like adulthood, love from younger years in passions sought,
When adulthood to the pains and confusion of life took,
Ah’, those childhood days of dreams she sought disappeared,
And those faces of society, in mockery laughed out loud.

Warrior boys faded but memories of dreams remained,
Seasons came and seasons left; all memories in mind brewed,
The fantastic feeling through every sense as real felt,
Then reality brought to view a man of words she never expected.

Into her eyes he looked, and to his conscience, he sang,
“In your eyes, Oh’, dear, my dearest I see,
Deep and vivacious, wisdome filled love waiting,
Like the calmness of water for a storm in the sea,

A sea of poetry in the present and to future resonates,
Ah’, waiting for me to absorb and write dipped with my love.”
No memory of her dreams resonated with what reality gave,
As tears gathered in her eyes in awe of a stranger’s words.

Him she rejected with words like venomous arrows flew,
New whispers heard from familiar faces who all spoke,
More venom than any serpents can spit with their bites,
In the confusion once more laid bleeding her unheard love.

Unheard she thought, but he heard, but far she ventured,
Clouds between them gathered, of prejudices and pride,
Love felt in their hearts untied many knots but failed to tie,
The one knot of the twin flames they are and unknown remained.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Corey Young on Unsplash

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