The Louder Voice.

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The winds have grown thick and cold,
No more leaves to drag down from trees
Empty streets where people once walked,
Cold and dry waiting for feet to walk on.

The fascinating world once where dreams were weaved,
Outplayed by the brutality of greed and passion of mankind,
Dreams that once took feet to paths unknown now fallen,
Prey to the darkness of minds where cookedness was made.

The thickening walls, ah’, those that close from every side,
The sky darkened and fired thunderbolts from crashing clouds,
Misery found a breeding place in veins and ran through body,
Where is the ray of hope? Where is the path to peace?

Human mind found the light inside, you are your strength,
You have the knowledge, you have the will, mind spoke,
The light from the soul found ways to brighten the paths,
As the will to succeed outplayed every nasty game time played.

No human is just a single soul, billions of souls, O’ feel the connection,
No evil machinations of time and space can bring one down,
And as long as nose breathes air, strength will gather in legs for the run,
Ah’, the losers cry in the world will be buried by your winner’s screams.

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Photo by Ingmar Hoogerhoud on Unsplash

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