A Broken Cathedral.

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Walls with mosses filled stood up high,
As even the non-stop rain can’t cool inside,
Lights and candles and heating warmed,
Bodies of believers even when hearts frozen stayed.

Upon the walls scriptures and proverbs well written,
Golden old fonts made them mean more divine,
And when read out loud, ah’, mesmerized the hearts,
Some even thawed a little and welled those eyes.

On her knees, she stood and out her conscience stepped,
And to her, like a child asked, “What meanings you learn,
From all prayers and advice, when love unmatched God showed?
And away you walked in anger, lies and self betrayal?”

With closed eyes, she stayed and into mind’s eyes child stepped,
And spoke, “The purity of heavens can be touched in love,
Through the path divine showed us and deep in his words lives,
The sanctity of love you seek, the perfection of love you seek.”.

Bells rang and she opened her eyes and felt the old fonts falling,
The child still whispered “He learned to love perfectly from shine,
In your eyes he saw and no more shall you lie to me about that shine,
And verses in his heart sprouted with your face and smile.”.

When out to the world she walked nothing bound her heart,
All she felt was beating of his heart filled with love,
And life unfolding with every step she took,
Though far away from her, he felt the sprouting love in her.

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Photo by Ashley Jane Grimmer on Unsplash

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