The Burned Out Chandelier

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Waves rolled their muscles and bragged,
To the bay about the love a heart weaved,
Hearing nothing in the thunderstorms the bay said,
“Speak in the metaphor I can understand.”.

And to the bay the waves rolling over and over whispered,
“Know the pain of a mother abandoning her a newborn?
And that orphan in hunger and pain but still grew stronger,
Faceless, nameless, through the crowd he wandered.

Deep in his heart that little flame of love always he felt,
The flame mother in nine months in him kindled,
Oh’, that flame lighted the candles in a chandelier,
Brightening every bit of life in purity and honesty.

The chandelier was the heart of a woman who brightened,
His eyes, his heart, and every feeling a man can live,
And to her, he said “I don’t want to corrupt my inner being,
Who loves you unconditionally.” And at no other face, he looked.

But the woman looked around as nothing she understands,
The crazy world fell apart and alone her mind wandered,
The world made her say “No” and a candle burned out,
And for every “No” she said other candles burned out.

Darkness entered the world and the world felt the pain,
Into that world entered, pandemic and corruption,
The orphan in his heart kept the flame as a smokeless flame.”.
The storm echoed the weeping of the bay all around.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

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