Look Back.

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A memory of that hurtful past haunts,
Us into You and I and breaks hearts,
Spring eve thunders sounded like screams,
To us, to save our souls back into Us.

Every moment away from my eyes you stay,
Every word in your loving voice spoken,
Oh’, the screaming thunderstorm they join,
In pleas and tears that fall all around Us.

Dreams are dreams and reality and dream killer,
Oh’, why make our own reality and hunt our dreams?
Why not stand united hand in hand and live the reality?
The reality that you and I love each other beyond dreams.

Look back not into the hurt-filled days,
Not the sleepless nights in fear and doubt spent,
Look back at me with the love you feel whenever you smile,
Make not time a linear crook, look back and give our love a chance.

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Photo by Thibault Debaene on Unsplash

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